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You can already book your preferred activities or do so at the reception desk up arrival or during your stay. 
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Jozani Forest is best known for its red colobus monkeys, which are endemic to Zanzibar. About 20 years ago, the monkeys were considered to be in danger of extinction. This trend has since reversed due to the conservation project. There are about 6.000 red colobus monkeys residing in Jozani Forest.
After visiting the red colobus, you will walk across to the Pete-Jozani Mangrove Boardwalk. It entwines through coral thicket vegetation, mangrove forest and across a creek. You walk through mangrove forest which is extremely crucial to Zanzibar’s ecosystems, providing a habitat for many lizards, snakes and birdlife as well as preventing the coastal erosion.

Sunset cruise

Step out on the deck and cruise with us down the Indian Ocean on a magical sunset sail to perfectly and romantically end your day. Our sunset sails leave Nungwi in the late afternoon slicing through the clear turquoise ocean water. Coconut drinks and some snacks will be available during the cruise. As the Zanzibaris would say: Karibu sana! This cruise can be booked shared or private as a group.

BIKE tour

A sporty experience with some amazing stops on the way. You can go by bike to see a hidden beach, where if lucky the sandbank will be visible. After leaving this piece of heaven on earth, you will visit the local blacksmiths. Maybe you can even help them for a short while? Another stop is at the newly discovered caves of Nungwi. With a flashlight, you will go down into the dark and see the most beautiful crystals and funny shaped rocks, stalactites and stalagmites. Discuss the stops of your choise with your tour leader.

deep sea fishing

Come and observe the local skills of fishing here in Nungwi, known as the best Zanzibar fishing village. We take you to the best spot for fishing and try your game. With all the exceptional fishing locations as well as the numerous species of fish offered by the vast Indian Ocean, handline fishing and deep sea fishing are one of our most fulfilling activities. Come along and enjoy the best fishing experiences in Zanzibar and have the opportunity of catching Yellowfin Tuna, Giant Trivaly Wahoo, Dorado Etc.

mnemba full day snorkeling and sunset

The sailboat can carry until 20 people but will take maximum 10 people on board to provide a high quality trip with enough space for everybody to relax on the pillows and mattresses provided. You can regularly see dolphins on this trip! When reaching Mnemba island, after 1h30 sailing, the crew will start to prepare the lunch including fresh BBQ fish or seafood (catch of the day). During this time we advise the guest to jump into the amazing crystal clear water and enjoy. Mnemba is like being in a giant aquarium. These reefs have been declared a Marine Conservation area, there are full of colorful tropical fish, swimming about between the 600 species of coral reef fish like the Angelfish, Parrot fish, Clown fish, Pipe fish, Wrasses and other species, Mnemba is the best answer for divers and snorkeling lovers. After a full day of fun, we will come back around 18:00 to end this perfect day by enjoying a wonderful sunset.

hidden beach

Go by bike (or jeep if you prefer) to a hidden beach where you can enjoy the luxury of a private piece of heaven. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the sandbank that pops up when it is low tide. You can see the local fishermen on the reef and you might see them hunt octopus and other species. A great activity if you enjoy the peace and quiet while enjoying an amazing view.

spice tour

Spices and herbs were originally introduced to Zanzibar by Portuguese traders in the 16th century, brought from their colonies in South America and India. This tour is a walking tour on a spice farm (shamba). While there, you will see how the spices, herbs and fruits grow and are cultivated. Your tour guide will describe how the crops can be used. You will be smelling and tasting spices, herbs and tropical fruits such as clove, lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, vanilla, coconuts, papaya, chili, black pepper, jackfruit, cardamom, cassava and oranges. You can taste some spices as well. The tour finishes with a stop at a spice stall selling fresh packaged spices (cash only).

stone town

Stone Town is a very lively place where you’ll find a mixture of Arabic, African, Indian and European cultures living comfortably together. As you walk through the labyrinth of streets too narrow for cars to pass, you can see mosques, churches and temples side to side. While you wander around the city, your guide will take you on a historical and cultural journey through the old slave market, Darajani market place, the House of Wonders, the Old Fort and the Sultan’s Palace. The tour can also include a lunch in a restaurant if agreed beforehand. Forodhani Gardens is definitely worth a visit, especially at night when it comes alive as one of the best street food markets in East Africa.

prison island

The prison – which is now owned by a hotel – was built in 1893 and was originally intended to house violent prisoners from the mainland and sick people. You will get the opportunity to visit the tortoise sanctuary, which contains a large colony of giant tortoise imported from the Seychelles in the late 19th century. The average weight of these creatures is 200 kg, and many of them are said to be over 150 years old. There will be a chance to touch the tortoise and take photos. The island is also a home to a colony of beautiful peacocks.

Village tour

One of our favorite tours that supports the local community. Let Aluna be your number one choice when you make the decision to visit the rich culture of Nungwi village. You will be taken by the hand trough the tiny streets, meet Zanzibari people and see and taste the local life. Through our tour you’ll get to visit the boat workshop to see the building skills and also to the fish market where you will see different types of fish and the auction process. We will take you to the heart of the village. There you will have the opportunity to visit the Swahili local houses and get a feel of their lifestyle. As part of the adventure we will take you to a Nungwi school as well as the women cooperatives.

beauty and massage

Braid your hair, ask for a beautiful henna tattoo, get your nails done or have one of the relaxing massages of your request. You will be in great hands. And the more, the merrier: if you book a couples massage, your loved one will get a 50% discount on his/her massage.

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